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Adaptogen Herb Quiz

by in Health Tips, Natural Products October 19, 2020

Find out which fermented adaptogen herb will reduce your stress and help you feel alive again!

Let’s See!

RHODIOLA  {Stamina & Energy}
Rhodiola has a long tradition for being a herb to support both physical & mental endurance. Proven to reduce tissue damage & improves muscle recovery time. Even Olympic athletes & astronauts have used Rhodiola for its supportive anti-fatigue effects & anti-stress. In this modern life of constant, energy-depleting stress, Rhodiola provides the perfect support.

HOLY BASIL {Calming & Uplifting}
Known as the ‘incomparable one’, Holy basil helps to lower elevated cortisol, improves mood & calms an overactive nervous system. Helps calm frazzled nerves, improves mental clarity & focus. Holy basil provides a clear connected mind and spirit, both uplifts and calms so you can stay centered.

ASHWAGANDHA {Stress, Energy & Strength}
The ultimate ‘adaptogen’ – a herb that brings balance & harmony to the body. A powerhouse of a herb that is used for a variety of conditions from supporting a balanced nervous system, to reducing stress & anxiety. Ultimately promoting healthy ageing and vitality by rejuvenating the whole body.