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Beating Drugs for Osteoarthritis: Curcumin Does it Again!

by in Health Tips June 6, 2022

Curcumin is one of the most important treatments for osteoarthritis. It has beaten pharmaceutical drugs in several head-to-head studies. And now, it has done it again.
Studies have shown that curcumin is better (J Altern Comp Med 2009;15:891-7) and safer (Clin Intrerv Aging 2014;9:451-8) than ibuprofen. It has been shown to be as effective as diclofenac but safer (Trials 2019;20(214). The same is true of acetaminophen (Trials 2021 Jan 30;22(1):105).
A systematic review and meta-analysis showed that curcumin is as effective as drugs (Food Med 2016;19(8):717-29), and another added that improves quality of life (Drug Des Devel Ther 2016;10:3029–3042).
The most recent additions to the evidence are a systematic review and meta-analysis that showed curcumin to be better than placebo (Phytother Res. 2021 Nov;35(11):5921-5935) and a systematic review and meta-analysis that added that it is as effective as NSAID’s while being significantly safer (Biosci Rep 2021;41(6):BSR20210817).
Now, you can add one more study to the list.
The new study gave 107 people with osteoarthritis either curcumin or ibuprofen. The two treatments were equally effective for clinical efficacy, but the curcumin was significantly better for joint mobility, inflammation and safety. In fact, the researchers commented that curcumin had “a remarkable safety profile.”
This new study adds to the mountain of evidence for curcumin as a very important treatment for osteoarthritis.
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