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Learn with Dr Klein: Reflux & Bloating

by in Health Tips August 5, 2020

“Heart burn” and bloating are commonly caused when the lining of the stomach gets damaged by various factors and is unable to function well to support healthy digestion. Damaging factors include foods such as fried foods, alcohol, smoking as well as stress and anxiety. Often stress and anxiety start the process, whereby adrenaline and cortisol […]

DIY Hand Cleanser Recipes

by in Health Tips, Essential Oils March 17, 2020

Ingredients:2/3 cup 99% Isopropyl Alcohol1/3 cup Aloe Vera Gel or Vegetable Glycerin10 Drops Lavender Essential Oils Directions:Mix well in a clean bowl. Rub a generous amount of the mixture over your hands, and let it dry. Alcohol-Free Cleanser Ingredients:60mL NOW Empty Amber Glass Sprayer Bottle 3tsp NOW Aloe Soothing Gel10 – 20 drops of NOW […]

Researchers discover how sleep helps the body fight germs

by in Health Tips July 25, 2019

German researchers have discovered one way sleep improves the body’s ability to fight off a cold. Sleep, it seems, strengthens the potency of certain immune cells by improving their chances of attaching to-and eventually destroying-cells infected with viruses. The researchers focused their attention on T cells, which battle infections. When T cells spot a virally…