Laura's Corner

D is for Diabetes!

by in Health Tips June 12, 2023

Several studies have suggested that vitamin D may play a role in preventing and treating diabetes. The evidence has just charged past suggestive!
The first study is a systematic review and meta-analysis of 3 of vitamin D and people with prediabetes. They found that prediabetics who supplement vitamin D reduce their risk of progressing to diabetes by 15%. When prediabetics took vitamin D sufficient to maintain optimal levels of vitamin D (50 ng/mL or more), it reduced the risk by 76% (Ann Intern Med. 2023 Mar;176(3):355-363).
The second study looked at people who already had type 2 diabetes. It was a meta-analysis of 46 controlled studies. It found that supplementing vitamin D significantly improved HbA1c, the most important marker of long term blood sugar and diabetes control, as well as insulin resistance and fasting glucose (BMC Endocr Disord. 2023 Jan 16;23(1):15).
These two new meta-analyses strengthen the evidence that supplementing vitamin D is valuable for both preventing and treating diabetes.