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Michael Faustin Seminar (January 14th, 2020)

by in News & Events December 2, 2019
Cell Mutation and Its' Outcomes
Did you know that conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, fatty liver, etc. all begin with cell abnormalities? Learn more at the upcoming seminar with Michael Faustin, founder of See-Yur Health.

What is Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer?

The Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer is a Hi-tech innovation project, which is related to medical, bioinformatics, electronic engineering, etc. It is based on quantum medical, and it scientifically analyzes the human cells weak magnetic field collected by an advanced electronic device. The analyzer can work out the customer’s health situation and main problem. The quantum resonance magnetic analyzer is the individualized guide of comprehensive health consulting and updated health sciences, and its characteristics and advantages are comprehensive, non-invasive, practical, simple, quick, economical and easy to popularize.

About Michael Faustin

Michael Faustin is the founder and principal owner of Seek-Yur Health and Wellness, which started back in 2008 with the intention of promoting natural health, wellness and self-healing. Having worked as a Manager and Sales Rep for two nutraceutical companies and over 20 years experience in the Natural Health Industry, I have become particularly skilled in the field. I acquired my Herbal Medicine Diploma, and completed several Natural Nutrition Courses and now I specialize in herbal formulas for detoxification and Natural Health Healing.