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Online Shopping with Simcoe Natural Foods

Welcome to our NEW Online Shopping page!!  We are so excited to be able to offer you new shopping options and the availability of access to MANY new products for you to choose from.

We have been wanting to expand our product base to give you more selection to choose from, but it has been a difficult process for us to work through, finding a way to make this work. 

We have limited shelf space to work with and a HUGE list of options to select from. We have recently found a way to make your Online Shopping easier!

The solution has finally arrived and we are excited!!  We have “partnered” with NHD Direct, another natural health product distribution chain, to enable you to shop for products and brands that we don’t normally stock. 

The look of Online Shopping at Simcoe Natural Foods has evolved!!  You can shop directly with our “Home Store” location, OR with Simcoe Natural Foods at NHD Direct.

The 2 options are side by side below with a link to the related storefront. 

The left side is our “Home Store”, where you will shop with us as you always have.  We will receive your order, payment and will ship the order personally from Simcoe Natural Foods. 

If there are any questions or issues with the processes or products, you would contact our team at Simcoe Natural Foods directly for assistance or support. 

We CAN add stocked items to your online order, even if you can’t find it listed!!  What does that mean for you? 

If you have seen the product IN our store and would like to place an online order from our “Home Store” shop for that item, you can have that product added to your order by sending us an email and asking us to make an adjustment and add it in. 

Contact Us for help.

The right side is our NHD Direct storefront.  We do not handle the order, payment or shipping processes. 

If there are any questions or issues with your order, you will contact their Customer Service team within the storefront for assistance or support. 

We have provided a link below for your convenience to email them.  When you make a purchase through this storefront, we do receive a small commission on the sale.

Thank you for choosing to shop with and support Simcoe Natural Foods!!! 

  • Simcoe Natural Foods "Home Store"
  • Shop Directly with SNF "Home Store"
  • We receive your order and payment
  • We process your order in house
  • Shipping from Simcoe
  • Contact Us for Assistance
  • Simcoe Natural Foods at NHD Direct
  • Shop with us at NHD Direct
  • NHD Direct receives your order and payment
  • NHD Direct processes orders at their warehouse
  • Shipped from their depot
  • Contact NHD Direct at for Customer Assistance
  • We will receive a small commission on the orders placed through this site