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Stevia Liquid Extract 60mL


Stevia Liquid Extract (Original Unflavoured) 60mL



Great Tasting flavour! ,Snap Cap – Easy to Use and no Mess,Perfect for Sweetening Coffee, Tea, Yogurt, Oatmeal and more ,Zero Calories,BetterStevia? is a calorie-free, gluten-free sweetener that’s 60-100 times sweeter than ordinary sugar. Use our Original Stevia liquid to add flavour to your life. Delicious BetterStevia? Original Liquid is an excellent addition to your favourite beverages and is especially suited for sweetening coffees and teas – just a few drops is all you need to add a burst of flavoured sweetness to any beverage, hot or cold! BetterStevia? Organic Liquid is packaged in a convenient flip-top plastic bottle that makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount of BetterStevia? with no leaking and no mess. These attractive bottles are lightweight, portable, and easy to use.˜With a variety of clean, refreshing flavours that complement many foods and beverages, BetterStevia? is a great addition to almost any healthy diet. BetterStevia? is produced using special measures to preserve the full-spectrum of the Stevia herb’s natural qualities to create a uniquely pure and better-tasting Stevia.,˜


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