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Cap.M.Quik Size Cap Filler


Cap.M.Quik Size Cap Filler



Make your own capsules easily and quickly. 

Makes 50 capsules in about 7 minutes. Five sizes available ““ 000, 00,  0, 1, and 3  capsule size.

Works with Now gelatin and vegetarian capsule shells.  Ideal solution for those that do not like taste of powder products. These Cap.M.Quik capsule filler kits have everything you need to quickly make your own capsule products.

Ideal for people who prefer swallowing pills than taking the powder version of products.

Kit contains spreader card to easily fill capsules.

Look for an appropriate sized tamper for easier capsule making.

Use with Now empty shell capsules and powder products to make your own capsules

Filling rates – dependant on powder densities:  000 holds up to 1200 mg (1 Tsp):  00    holds 546 – 1092 mg:  0       holds 408 – 816 mg:  1        holds 300 – 600 mg:  3        holds 180 – 360 mg

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