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Opti-L-Zinc (Monomethionine) 30mg + Copper 100vcap


Opti-L-Zinc (Monomethionine) 30mg + Copper 100vcap


Helps to maintain immune function and healthy skin. Helps to form red blood cells, Helps produce and repair connective tissue.  Balanced with copper, Highly Bioavailable Monomethionine form that sustains release

Zinc is a mineral co-factor in hundreds of enzymatic reactions related to protein and carbohydrate metabolism, RNA/DNA synthesis and intercellular signaling. Zinc is essential to the normal function of many organs and systems within the body; supporting healthy immune, skeletal, neurological, and endocrine functions.

L-OptiZinc® is a form of Zinc complexed with the amino acid Methionine. Research has demonstrated this product to be better absorbed and retained longer compared to several other forms of Zinc tested. High zinc intake may lead to lowering of copper stores in the body. Therefore, this formula is balanced with copper to prevent declining levels.

NPN 80030865

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