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Potassium Iodide 100 capsules


New Roots Herbal’s Potassium Iodide contains 800 ?g of elemental iodine; this is the recommended daily allowance of iodine necessary to saturate and protect the thyroid gland during periods of potential exposure to radioactive iodine.


Each capsule of New Roots Herbal’s Potassium Iodide contains 800 ?g of elemental iodine, the recommended daily allowance according to Health Canada. Stable iodine prophylaxis (saturating the thyroid with iodine) is listed along with sheltering and evacuation as recommended emergency measures for protection from exposure to radioactive iodine.

The thyroid gland requires iodine for hormone synthesis, and it absorbs all forms of iodine available; saturating the thyroid with a safe and stable form of iodine prevents the absorption radioactive iodine.

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