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Your Health, Your Wellness

by in News & Events February 12, 2024

Your Health Your WellnessIt is Your Health, Your Wellness Day presented by J&M Memorials.

We are taking time to speak to Laura Maguire, owner of Simcoe Natural Foods, about all the

different health options available once you walk through their front doors.

The business has been around for 35 years, with Maguire taking over 5 years ago.

The business started with the original owner finding it hard to find food for her sons’ allergies, so she brought in bulk food that expanded into supplements and much more.

If you go into the store now, you’ll find groceries, fresh spices and herbs, skincare and body products, healthier snack items, and of course, vitamins and supplements.

There will also be someone behind the counter ready to help.

Maguire said that COVID changed a lot of things, including how people come to the store looking at ways to boost their immune system and then ways to treat any ailment they received.

She said more and more people are on a health journey right now, looking at ways to stay as healthy as they can as they get older and seeing what other options are out there for issues that they have been dealing with.

Maguire does note that some of the prices may be a bit higher than you’d find at a big-box store but that is by design.

They are very particular at Simcoe Natural Foods about the products they bring in and have a certain standard that must be met before it’s put on the shelf.

They want customers to have the best options, not necessarily the cheapest.

As originally posted on Norfolk Today