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Adaptogen Herb Quiz

by in Health Tips October 19, 2020

Find out which fermented adaptogen herb will reduce your stress and help you feel alive again!

Let’s See!

RHODIOLA  {Stamina & Energy}
Rhodiola has a long tradition for being a herb to support both physical & mental endurance. Proven to reduce tissue damage & improves muscle recovery time. Even Olympic athletes & astronauts have used Rhodiola for its supportive anti-fatigue effects & anti-stress. In this modern life of constant, energy-depleting stress, Rhodiola provides the perfect support.

HOLY BASIL {Calming & Uplifting}
Known as the ‘incomparable one’, Holy basil helps to lower elevated cortisol, improves mood & calms an overactive nervous system. Helps calm frazzled nerves, improves mental clarity & focus. Holy basil provides a clear connected mind and spirit, both uplifts and calms so you can stay centered.

ASHWAGANDHA {Stress, Energy & Strength}
The ultimate ‘adaptogen’ – a herb that brings balance & harmony to the body. A powerhouse of a herb that is used for a variety of conditions from supporting a balanced nervous system, to reducing stress & anxiety. Ultimately promoting healthy ageing and vitality by rejuvenating the whole body.