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Ashwagandha: Have a Good Sleep!

by in Health Tips June 9, 2023

Insomnia causes frustrating nights and leads to difficult days, including anxiety and lack of alertness. The herb ashwagandha is emerging in the research as a powerful, natural answer to both insomnia and anxiety.
A new systematic review and meta-analysis has now added to that evidence. It included five studies of 400 people. Compared to placebo, ashwagandha significantly improved overall sleep. It significantly improved every aspect of sleep, from how fast you fall asleep, to how often you wake up, to the quality of your sleep and the total time you spend asleep.
It also makes things better after you wake up. Taking ashwagandha significantly improves mental alertness and anxiety.
The results suggest that ashwagandha extract may work best when doses of 600mg or more are taken for at least 8 weeks.
PLoS One. September 24, 2021;16(9):e0257843