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Restless Leg Syndrome: Relaxing Your Restless Leg

by in Health Tips June 19, 2023

As many as 10% of Americans experience unpleasant sensations in their leg that give them the irresistible urge to move them. But new research suggests that there is natural help for restless leg syndrome.Restless leg syndrome, or Willis-Ekbom disease, is a neurological disorder that causes an unpleasant crawling, creeping, throbbing, itching or electric sensation in […]

D is for Diabetes!

by in Health Tips June 12, 2023

Several studies have suggested that vitamin D may play a role in preventing and treating diabetes. The evidence has just charged past suggestive!The first study is a systematic review and meta-analysis of 3 of vitamin D and people with prediabetes. They found that prediabetics who supplement vitamin D reduce their risk of progressing to diabetes […]

Struggling with Weight & Cholesterol? Probiotics Provide a Surprising Solution!

by in Health Tips June 2, 2023

Being overweight can lead to cholesterol problems, which can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Probiotics may offer a surprising solution.There is a growing body of evidence that a surprising benefit of probiotics is improved cholesterol. A new meta-analysis put together 18 controlled studies of 823 overweight to find out.Turns out, it’s true! Probiotics […]

Grow Old Smarter with Flaxseed Oil

by in Health Tips May 31, 2023

A new study shows that flaxseed oil can improve executive function and cognition in healthy older adults. That’s important news.Dementia is hard to cure. That makes it all the more important to prevent it. New research suggests that simply using flaxseed oil can help do just that.The new study was double-blind and included 60 healthy […]

Black Seed & Vitamin D Versus COVID

by in Health Tips April 10, 2023

At least two studies have shown that black seed helps people with COVID and dozens of studies on vitamin D have. What happens when you combine them?120 people with mild to moderate COVID were given standard therapy alone or with the addition of 900mg of black seed and a low 2000IU dose of vitamin D.The […]