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Vitamin D & Living Longer

by in Health Tips April 7, 2023

Want to live longer? Try vitamin D! A massive study followed 307,601 people for 14 years. Risk of death during the study “decreased steeply” with increasing levels of vitamin D. As levels of vitamin D went up, risk of death from cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease all went significantly down. The researchers conclude that […]

Natural Help for Women with Thinning Hair

by in Health Tips April 5, 2023

Women suffer from thinning hair too: especially after menopause. This safe, natural supplement can help.Female pattern hair loss is the common, but little talked about, thinning of hair on the central scalp of women. The thinning hair increases with age. It is more common than you think: 23% of women in their forties already experience […]

A Never Before Tried Herb for Alzheimer’s

by in Health Tips March 31, 2023

In what may be the first study of its kind, this safe, inexpensive herb demonstrated an ability to help memory and quality of life in people with Alzheimer’s.Fenugreek seed is a well-known herb, but it’s not well-known for Alzheimer’s.This double-blind study gave 82 people with Alzheimer’s who were experiencing mild-to-moderate memory deficit either a placebo […]

This Will Make Your Blood Flow!

by in Health Tips March 29, 2023

Whether it’s for high blood pressure or erectile dysfunction, this nutrient will make your blood flow. Hint: there’s tons of it in watermelon. Watermelon is loaded in citrulline, which is also available in as a little-known supplement. Citrulline is an amino acid that is converted into arginine; arginine is converted into nitric oxide; nitric oxide […]

A New Use of an Ancient Christmas Herb

by in Health Tips March 27, 2023

Christmas time is a reminder that frankincense was once as valuable as gold. But here’s a new use no one ever thought of before.Urinary incontinence, or the loss of bladder control, is an annoying problem that can impact quality of life. It becomes more common as you age, but it doesn’t have to happen.This double-blind […]

Making Your Old Brain Young Again

by in Health Tips March 25, 2023

As you age, your brain works more slowly and mental tasks take longer. This colourful supplement can not only stop that, it can reverse it!A study published a few years ago found that, for many seniors, their brain didn’t just benignly slow down. An incredible 39% of people over 65 were experiencing serious cognitive issues.But […]