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3 Best Products: How to Clean Your House – Even the Oven – the Old-fashioned Way

by in Cleaning Tips & Tricks, News & Events February 6, 2019

Clean Your HouseCleaning the house doesn’t need to involve harsh chemicals and toxic products that may harm your family or pets.

Go into any supermarket, and it will be full of them. There are aisles and aisles of cleaning products in their bright colored plastic bottles, promising dazzle and shine; a life free of grease and grime. But do we really need any of it?

As many of us look to the environmentally friendly people trying to reduce packaging to minimize our personal impact on the planet.

The internet is full of recipes for making your own all-purpose cleaners. Everything from bathtub sprays and floor washes, to oven scrubs and window cleaners.

But can you really clean your home with them?

Clean Your House the Old-Fashioned Way

Whether you’re cutting down on plastic, being environmentally conscious, or saving money, these simple ingredients can clean just as well as commercial products.

Here’s how the experts do it … you can clean your house with these simple products that everyone has in their kitchen!

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