Hi!  My name is Herma and I have been employed at Simcoe Natural Foods for 17 years.  It all started 35 years ago when my children were young and we were all dealing with different health issues.  Since then, I have taken a variety of courses to help myself, my family, as well as you, to start on that journey of being a better, healthier version of ourselves.

Herma: Favourite healthy recipe: One of my favourite recipes is Chocolate Pudding.
2 ripe avocados
½ cup maple syrup
½ cocoa powder
1 ripe banana

Blend well together and serve chilled

Herma: Favourite healthy snack: I love chocolate so the Kayer Chocolate truffle bars are one of my favourite.

Working in the health industry has made me much more conscience of what I put in my mouth.  It has also made me explore all the different modalities that are available and I have taken numerous courses that enable me to help my family and others in a much greater capacity.

Since working as Simcoe Natural Foods I have learned that most people rarely associate how they feel with what they put in their mouth.  Remember – we are what we eat!

We live as healthy a lifestyle as we can and try to follow The Rule – everything in moderation.