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This Little Known Grain is Great for Your Heart

by in Health Tips July 25, 2022

Grains are great for you. Some of the healthiest diets, like the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet, are loaded in grains. And both those diets are great for your heart. New research points to a new grain—well, a new grain that has been eaten for about 7,000 years–that is really great for your heart. Guess which grain it is!
It’s millet. A just published meta-analysis of 12 studies has found that eating millet is great for cholesterol. How great?
Eating millet significantly lowered all the bad cholesterols while it significantly raised the good cholesterol. Eating millet lowered total cholesterol by a significant 6.6%. When it came to the bad cholesterols, it lowered triglycerides by a significant 8.2%, LDL cholesterol by a significant 11.7% and the very bad VLDL cholesterol by a significant 7.9%. At the same time, eating millet raised the heart healthy HDL cholesterol by a significant 6.1%.
So, if you’re looking for some delicious, healthy variety in your diet, pick up some millet from your health food store.

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