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Why Diabetics Might Want to Try Ginger

by in Health Tips June 21, 2022

Famous for its power over nausea, ginger is actually a very versatile herb: so versatile that diabetics may want to learn more about it.
Little known as a herb for diabetes, several studies have actually shown that it is. Ginger has been shown in double-blind research to lower fasting blood sugar and improve insulin resistance (Comp Ther Res 2014;22:9-16).
A massive review of the research on ginger found at least three studies that found that ginger benefits diabetics by significantly lowering fasting blood sugar, HbA1c (the most important marker of long term diabetes and blood sugar control), insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance. Diabetics also saw their LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, inflammation and antioxidant activity improve.
Ginger even helps diabetics who are already on medication. When type 2 diabetics who were on medication added 3g of ginger or placebo for 3 months, the ginger was significantly better at improving serum glucose, insulin, insulin resistance, long term diabetes and blood sugar control, free radical damage and inflammation (J Compliment Integr Med 2015;12:165-70).
A new study has added to this evidence by showing, once again, that ginger is valuable even to type 2 diabetics who are already being moderately to well controlled by their medications.
The small, uncontrolled study added 399mg of powdered ginger extract 3 times a day to the regular medication. The study lasted 6 weeks.
Adding ginger significantly improved their HbA1c and their triglycerides. It also improved their blood pressure and diastolic heart function, the relaxation part of your heart beat when the chambers fill with blood.
This study adds to the evidence that ginger can help diabetics, including improving the health of diabetics whose condition is already being managed by drugs.

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