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White Willow 400mg 100cap


White Willow 400mg 100cap


Used in Herbal Medicine for short-term relief of low back pain, relief of minor joint pain (due to osteoarthritis). Used in Herbal Medicine to relieve fever associated with the common cold and headache pain. Standardized extract

White Willow is a shrub with a long history of traditional use. Modern scientific researchers have identified numerous compounds from its bark that contribute to its bioactivity.

Of these active compounds, Salicin is best known for its support of the body’s healthy response to normal physiological stress. In addition to Salicin, polyphenols and flavonoids have also been found to contribute to its activity.

Now White Willow Bark has 15% Salicin plus a natural balance of other bioactive compounds that may gently help to temporarily relieve minor pain caused from overexertion and typical everyday stress.

NPN 80044861

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